As part of Hometown Furniture for 2 years the back rooms were never fully utilized. Ann Henry had always dreamed of opening a Tearoom in the back, but it was not until April of 2003 that dream would become a reality. Our Tearoom is actually a 3 bedroom house that was built back in the 60's. As you enter our tearoom you are coming in side entrance of the house. We have tried to keep it as much like a house as possible with our distinct themed rooms. Every year we have families that used to live in the home come and they will tell us stories about the house. We try and make you feel at home when you are in.

We opened in April of 2003 under the name Paradise Garden Tearoom. It was sub leased out the first year and the Tearoom was a hit from day one. After a year the Manager got married and moved out of town and that is when Hometown Furniture took over. We renamed it The Garden Tearoom @ Hometown. With every passing year we have tried to polish our food and service. Every year we add something new to the mix. In the year 2010 we switch from pre made soups to made from Scratch. We try and bring the freshest food to our customers at the lowest price. We have the best staff and we hope you always feel like you are at home when you are a guest.
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